What is Monitoring Service?

We offer a Monitoring Service Agreement which is a cost-effective solution and could be the preferred option when a completion bond is not required. The service will give the investor comfort as we are monitoring the project – with the same care and due diligence as if it would be a completion bond.

We are offering our services worldwide and can work on flexible conditions on all time zones.

The Process

Before issuing a Monitoring Service Agreement we make sure that the project is fully financed, or will be fully financed. We will meet with the key crew and review all the key production documents to see if all of our requirements for issuing a Monitoring Service Agreement are in place.

We shall implement a strict cost control and monitoring procedure (which will be daily during key phases of the production), ensuring that each step of the production process is adhered to, particularly in relation to expenses being within budget and time consumption being within the production schedule.

Control process regarding investors´ payments into the production account can include that these amounts may be held on an account controlled by Crone Film (controlled means that our signature is required for drawdowns to the production account).

The monitoring process is implemented across all stages of production through to acceptance of delivery of the project by the sales agent, distributors and other recipients.

In the event that we consider there is a risk that the production may go over budget or fall substantially behind schedule, we may implement the procedures as per the Monitoring Service Agreement by giving written notice to the Producer and informing the Investors who are parties to the Monitoring Service Agreement.

1 Due Diligence

Before issuing a Letter of Intent, we do a risk assessment of the project which involves reviewing the budget, finance plan, production timeline, script and key crew. If we, at this stage, find the project well structured, we will issue the Letter of Intent.

2 Monitoring Service Agreement

We will draft an agreement between the Producer, the Investors and us, setting out the terms for each party´s obligations in relation to the production and each other. Producer´s- and Director´s Undertakings are also part of the agreement.

3 Monitoring During Production

During all phases from pre to post we will monitor the progress closely and implement a strict cost report control.
Should any issues occur we will take an active part in resolving these and, if needed, notify the Investors.

4 Delivery

We will follow the delivery diligently and upon delivery we shall send out notices to all relevant parties. In case of any objections we shall monitor the process in accordance with the Delivery Procedure attached to the Monitoring Service Agreement.

About Us

We have a high level of expertise and knowhow on film and TV productions and are aware of the fact that different kinds of productions need different types of tailormade solutions in regard to Monitoring Services.

We have Production Executives in France, Portugal, Sweden, England and in Denmark where we are based.


Nina Crone, CEO and Production Executive, Denmark
Hans Lönnerheden, Production Executive, Sweden
Risa Cohen, Production Executive, France
Simon Bosanquet, Production Executive, England
Lise-Lotte Døcker, Lawyer
Mette Bang, Admin & IT


For further information please contact us cronefilm@cronefilm.dk

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As a registered company at “Finanstilsynet” we must meet a number of requirements e.g. to our professional qualifications and our integrity.

We are compliant with applicable law and regulations and have procedures and control systems in place for the benefit of our clients. These procedures and control systems include but are not limited to GDPR, due diligence, risk assessment, reporting and a secure IT and back-up system.